Joining a Local Church

Being a member of a local church is a vital and delightful part of being a Christian. Jesus assumes every Christian will be a member of a local church (Matthew 18:17; cf. Hebrews 13:17) and nearly every New Testament letter is either written to churches or written in the plural (not “you” singular but “y’all” plural). The Good Shepherd does not envision any sheep living outside the bounds of a flock! It’s too dangerous out there!

You might have been around Grace for a while and want to join our church family. So how do you do it? First, attend the fall or spring Prospective New Members Sunday School. There, you’ll learn more about what we believe and why we’re Presbyterian (and why that matters!). If after that you want to join, let one of the elders or the Pastor know, and they’ll schedule a time with you to have an informal interview (“conversation” might be a better term). There, they’ll ask to hear your testimony and desire to hear about your faith in Christ. After hearing your credible profession of faith, we’ll choose a Lord’s Day service for you to be formally welcomed into our church family!